Compliance with rules and applicable legislation is more complex than ever. In the global environment, the legal challenges are constantly growing. That is why we constantly adapt our processes and systems to the legal framework. In order to emphasize the importance of compliance with the law, we have implemented it as a corporate principle: "We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines." Compliance is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture. We operate a compliance management system that enables you as a customer, business partner or employee of the company to act according to uniform and binding structures.


It is important to recognize potential misconduct at an early stage so that our corporate principle can be adhered to. We achieve this, among other things, by reporting to us about possible compliance violations. A compliance violation exists if there is a violation of applicable law or internal guidelines by or against our employees in Bulgaria or abroad in the exercise of their official activities. Such violations are, for example, corruption offenses, competition and antitrust offenses, data protection violations as well as offenses in the accounting, financial and tax systems.


In order to detect and prevent compliance violations, we depend on our employees as well as on our customers and business partners. If you notice signs of a compliance violation, you can report this via various departments.

Regardless of which route you choose, we assure you that every report will be treated with strict confidentiality - anonymously if desired.



If you would like to report evidence of compliance violations or have questions about compliance, please contact our contact person on the topic of compliance at the following address:

Schwarz IT Bulgaria EOOD


Mladost, Business park, building 15, fl. 2, Sofia, Bulgaria




As an additional option for reporting evidence of compliance violations, we have set up an online reporting system. All incoming information is processed by the aforementioned contact person. The online reporting system is an Internet-based application and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device via the following link:


We check all indications of compliance violations carefully and confidentially and take actions against proven misconduct consistently and appropriately. Please note that notifications without compliance will not be processed.



At your disposal as a contact person for any compliance matters is also Miss Irina Gentcheva – an external trusted lawyer. The trusted lawyer receives any reports on offenses related to Schwarz IT Bulgaria and investigates every claim filed by you. The trusted lawyer has professional obligation to keep information provided by you as strictly confidential. Reports can be made, also anonymously, via telephone, email or in writing. Your personal data is provided with your consent only.

Client complaints and claims which are not related to compliance will be redirected for further processing within the competent department at Schwarz IT Bulgaria.


Irina Gentcheva, PhD - Attorney-at-law

Sofia 1000, 10 Kaloyan str. fl. 2

•    +359 2 980 1935