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Our Areas of Expertise

We are collaborating with NonSAP Development and IT Solutions Development in Germany alongside with a few standalone projects. We do Full Stack Java Development, Frontend Development, Reliability and Operations Engineering Chapters.

Develop and ensure the platforms (on premise & in the cloud) to run Artificial Intelligence applications. Monitoring of data loads and Machine Learning pipelines execution. Design data pools and enable business users to dig into the world of Big Data. Perform Advanced Analysis using Machine Learning and AI to solve various business problems and answer difficult questions through data insights.


The team is dealing with the full spectrum of Agile Testing with high attention to the detail.

Approximate data we are currently storing is 34,3 PETABYTES which is more than 34300 Terabytes, Numbers of servers(clients) backed up on daily basis is: Active: more than 13,000, Passive: more than 32,000
And those are just some of the numbers from our Infrastructure departments: Database, Hadoop, SAP Basis, SAP Archiving, Integrations Technologies, Backup & Recovery, Network & Security

Bringing agile practices into the company activities. All members are both Scrum masters for their respective Product teams and Agile coaches on BG level and Group level.
Our members are integral part of Lidl e-commerce backend system and are a group of SAP consultants with full modules coverage plus EWM and SAP Hybris people additionally with experience in payment providers.

Development from zero or adding new functionalities to existing apps and support of our applications on SAP ABAP. We develop mainly for SAP Logistics area for Kaufland and LIDL, SAP HCM Kaufland and LIDL, Real Estate and industry area and deal with S/4 HANA Migration of the Retail system.

STACKIT Cloud Portal is the single-entry point for all our cloud offerings. It empowers internal and external customers to book cloud services.

We cover two topics – Windows Server Administration and SCCM Administration. We take care of the lifecycle of about 10,000 Windows servers which includes monitoring and solving issues, as well as deployment of new servers, application and patch management, and at the end of the lifecycle of a server to take care about its decommissioning. We always strive to improve the standard processes by implementing automation where it is possible and deliver servers and solutions not only with speed but with quality as well.

Think, Design, and Drive the current and future digital architecture for eCommerce platforms within the Schwarz Group. The chapter is responsible for Digital Architecture of all 8 Products in domain “Supply Chain Management” and Digital Architecture of all 17 Products in domains “End2End Service”, “Application Platforms”, and “IT Platforms”.

Our Benefits


Employer Of Choice
Denislav Dimitrov
#1 in Leadership category


Our leaders inspire, engage and spark that special energy in the team which empowers people to grow and to give their best. Our colleague Denislav Dimitrov – a true leader at heart, and a Team lead by title, was acknowledged with this special recognition.


As a true leader at heart, the greatest satisfaction for Denislav comes from the success his colleagues achieve - with his help and through his guidance. Denislav is also our company’s proud founder and captain of Schwarz IT Bulgaria’s football team.

B2b Media EB awards
Kiril Dimitrov
#1 Emerging Leader


“Everyone is different, so it is important for a successful leader to find an approach through which to develop and lead his colleagues forward. If there is one most important quality of the whole bunch of leadership qualities, it is to be a good person”.


These is the promise of our colleague Kiril Dimitrov – a Department Leader in Schwarz IT Bulgaria took first place in b2b Media Employer Branding Awards in the category Emerging Leader. For him, the professional growth of his colleagues and the development of IT specialists in our country is a core personal mission. Kiril is responsible for the development of the Schwarz IT’s internship program, implemented jointly with the National High School of Computer Technology and Systems Pravets. He also leads Schwarz IT’s Java academy, whose mission is to fill the gray area that exists between education and the IT field in Bulgaria.

Career Show
Finalist in the Talent acquisition strategy amongst 80 companies


Our company has had a long history in supporting young talents and developing their tech skills. We have our own Schwarz IT Academy, which provides high-quality specialized Java and ABAP trainings to the young IT professionals. The Academy is a huge investment on our side – not just financially, but also in terms of time and efforts of our colleagues, who have created the program with great enthusiasm and care. The combination of offering such valuable training and providing a workplace with attractive conditions fulfills Schwarz IT’s mission to keep the quality professionals in Bulgaria.


We also partner with selected Bulgarian schools and universities, which prepare the future IT professionals. By supporting the educational institutions and having its own Academies, Schwarz IT works to level up the quality of education in the country and helps retain and attract the young talent in Bulgaria. Our company is also committed to getting back IT talents to Bulgaria, offering excellent conditions and opportunities for development in an international environment.

We are excited to share that Schwarz IT has received a certificate for investment class "A" under the Law on Investment Promotion from the Ministry of Economics, which will allow us to open 100 new positions within the next 3 years. We have already started hiring, and we can’t wait to have other young enthusiasts on board!

Building your home from scratch and watching it flourish. And this is exactly what we have done in Schwarz IT Bulgaria for the last four years. We have set strong foundations and have moved on to building at the top.

Yana Papardova, HR Manager

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